This World Elephant Day, Tuesday, August 12, people around the world are uniting to protect and celebrate elephants.   They need our help.  The increasing demand for ivory is driving African forest elephants to extinction.  You can join the herd and show your support for these incredible animals – and “Go Grey.”

It’s really quite simple.   On August 12, wear grey. Wear grey clothes, shoes, hair ribbons, hair…you get the picture.  Join the Cincinnati Zoo and countless other zoos and organizations around the world as we raise awareness and support for the fight against poaching.

What else can you do?

1.    Click “Support with Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr” to get the word out to your followers and friends. Be sure to ask them to sign up for this Thunderclap too.

2.    Take and share a greyscale (black and white) selfie and tag it with #GoGrey.

3.    Turn your social media profile pictures and backgrounds to greyscale.

4.    On Tuesday, August 12, watch as everyone’s messages are shared in celebration of elephants!

Last, but certainly not least, learn more about the plight of elephants and what you can do to help at www.96elephants.org/wed.