Burmese Python

Python molurus

One of the largest snakes in the world, the Burmese python can grow up to 25 feet long and get as thick as a telephone pole. Like other pythons, it is a non-venomous constrictor, wrapping its body around prey to suffocate it before swallowing it whole. It can eat animals as large as a leopard and sambar (an Asian deer).

More info

  • A female actually incubates her eggs by coiling her body around them and shivering, or trembling her muscles, to create heat.
  • The Everglades has been over run by exotic Burmese pythons that have been introduced into the park.

Fact File

Species @ Risk Image
where to see themWhere to see them: Night Hunters
lengthLength: 16 to 25 ft
habitatHabitat: Tropical forest
dietDiet: Birds, mammals, and reptiles
exclamationRisk Status: Species at Risk (IUCN—Vulnerable)