Grey Bamboo Lemur

Hapalemur griseus griseus

As the smallest of the bamboo lemurs, this lemur is most active at dusk. It lives in the dense bamboo forests of eastern Madagascar and feeds on fresh bamboo shoots and leaves.  It will also occasionally eat green stems, fig leaves and smaller fruits.

More Info

When young lemurs are first born, the mothers carry them in their mouths for the first few weeks. After that they either carry them on their backs or “park” them when looking for food. At about four months old, the young lemurs are weaned and eventually go their own way.

Fact File

Species @ Risk Image
where to see themWhere to see them: Jungle Trails
lengthLength: 1 to 1.5 ft
weightWeight: 1.5 to 2.5 lbs
life expectancyLife Expectancy: 20 yrs
habitatHabitat: Tropical forest
dietDiet: Mostly bamboo, some leaves and fruit
exclamationRisk Status: [email protected] (IUCN-Vulnerable)