Mini-Juliana Pig

Sus domesticus

The mini-Juliana pig is a small, colorful domestic breed that originated in Europe. The fur is always spotted but the base color can range from brown to red to silver. Mini-Juliana pigs have outgoing and friendly personalities.

More Info

Pigs are highly intelligent and very vocal, emitting a variety of squeals and grunts. They have long strong snouts used for rooting around and digging up food. A pig’s nose is much more sensitive than a human nose. 

Fact File

where to see themWhere to see them: Around the Zoo
lengthLength: Up to 2.2 ft
heightHeight: Up to 1.3 ft
weightWeight: 20 to 40 lbs
life expectancyLife Expectancy: 14 to 18 yrs
dietDiet: Pellets, fruits and veggies