Snow Leopard

Uncia uncia

The snow leopard’s five-inch thick coat affords great protection from the cold. The coat also comes in handy as camouflage, helping the leopard blend in with the rocky terrain to hide from potential prey. Sadly, the beautiful coat also hinders the leopard’s survival, as poaching for the fur is one of its major threats.

Fact File

Species @ Risk Image
Species Survival Plan Image
where to see themWhere to see them: Cat Canyon
heightHeight: Up to 2 ft
weightWeight: 77 to 120 lbs
life expectancyLife Expectancy: 14 yrs
habitatHabitat: Mountain regions, including grassland, scrubland, and open woodland
dietDiet: Primarily blue sheep and ibex; some other hoofed mammals, hares, rodents and birds
exclamationRisk Status: Species at Risk (IUCN—Endangered)