Spotted Salamander

Ambystoma maculatum

Spotted salamanders can be very difficult to find because they hide under rocks, leaves or in burrows and only come out at night. They also are camouflaged by their dark brown, grey or black bodies and yellow spots.

More Info

Spotted salamanders lay up to 200 eggs each year that attach to submerged plants. However, only about 10% of the eggs survive the process of metamorphosis from larva to adult. Spotted salamanders retrace the same path every year to return to the same place to breed.

Fact File

where to see themWhere to see them: Reptile House
lengthLength: 6 to 9 in
weightWeight: Up to .5 oz
life expectancyLife Expectancy: Up to 20 yrs
ecological roleEcological Role: Carnivore
habitatHabitat: Deciduous forest
dietDiet: Insects, spiders, slugs, worms