Steller’s Sea Eagle

Haliaeetus pelagicus

Never far from water, the Steller’s sea eagle displays impressive fishing skills. Taking advantage of warm updrafts of air, the eagle glides above the water, looking out for fish. Its favorite prey, the salmon, has an extremely tough skin for which the eagle is equipped with a specialized hatchet-like beak. 

More info

  • In addition to diving from above, the sea eagle will also stand in the water and grab fish as they swim by.
  • If given the chance, Steller’s sea eagles will steal food from other birds.

Fact File

Species @ Risk Image
Species Survival Plan Image
where to see themWhere to see them: Eagle Flight
lengthLength: Up to 3 ft
weightWeight: 13 to 20 lbs
wingspanWingspan: Up to 8 ft
habitatHabitat: Coastal cliffs and forests near rivers and lakes
dietDiet: Primarily salmon; some carrion and other small animals
exclamationRisk Status: Species at Risk (IUCN—Vulnerable )