Sugar Glider

Petaurus breviceps

Sugar gliders are small possums that can glide more than 100 feet between trees thanks to a thin, furred membrane, known as a patagium, which stretches from the wrist to the ankle on both sides. Hand-like forefeet and hind feet with an opposable toe similar to a human thumb help them grasp branches.

More Info

Sugar gliders live in male-dominated groups of up to seven adults that all nest together.  Females carry their young in well-developed pouches.  They are most active at night when they search for sap, insects, birds and small mammals.

Fact File

where to see themWhere to see them: Jungle Trails
lengthLength: 6 to 8 in
weightWeight: Up to 6 oz
lifespanLifespan: More than 10 yrs
ecological roleEcological Role: Omnivore
habitatHabitat: Forest
dietDiet: Gum, sap, nectar, seeds and insects