Thomson’s Gazelle

Eudorcas thomsoni

One of the gazelles commonly seen on the savannahs of Eastern Africa, the Thomson’s gazelle lives in small herds. Males sport foot-long horns while females have much shorter spikes, if at all. Tails flicking wildly and heads butting down low, male Thomson’s gazelles put on a show. Back and forth, they dance like boxers in a ring, pushing head to head, horns to horns, until one of them backs down. Why all this fighting? It’s all part of the mating game. Males must defend their territories, and the females that live in them, from other males during the breeding season.

Fact File

Species @ Risk Image
Species Survival Plan Image
where to see themWhere to see them: Africa
lengthLength: 2.6 to 3.9 ft
weightWeight: 33 to 77 lbs
life expectancyLife Expectancy: 10 to 15 yrs
habitatHabitat: Savannah
dietDiet: Grass, herbs, leaves and seeds
exclamationRisk Status: Species at Risk (IUCN—Near threatened); Species Survival Plan