Phacochoerus africanus

Warthogs are very vocal wild pigs that live in family groups called sounders. They communicate with each other through grunts, squeals, growls and squeaks. Males are easily recognized with two pairs of tusks protruding from their snouts.  These tusks are rarely used, however, as warthogs are not territorial and only fight over females for a very short time during breeding season.

More Info

Piglets are born in burrows where they remain for up to seven weeks.  Males typically do not leave their mothers until two years of age, whereas females only leave when they are pregnant.

Fact File

where to see themWhere to see them: Education Programs
lengthLength: 3 to 5 ft
weightWeight: 110 to 330 lbs
lifespanLifespan: 15 to 18 yrs
ecological roleEcological Role: Omnivore
habitatHabitat: Savannah, bushland and woodland
dietDiet: Roots, berries, carrion, seeds


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