Baby Takin Arrives Right on Time

Mom and baby are bonding in their behind-the-scenes den

Seven-year-old takin Sally gave birth to a healthy calf on Saturday, March 18, 2017, around 2pm at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Her previous calf, born in 2015, had to be hand-reared due to medical issues, so this is her first real attempt to raise offspring.  Her care staff has observed…

Blakely the Australian Shepherd Filling in as Parent to One-Month-Old Tiger Cubs

Cincinnati Zoo’s canine companion called into action

CINCINNATI, OH  (March 10, 2017) – Three rare Malayan tiger cubs, all female, have been cared for by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s nursery staff since they were born on February 3, 2017, and ignored by their mother. Their care team now includes the Zoo’s four-legged, resident nursery companion and former

New Approach Used by Cincinnati Zoo Reproductive Scientists Improves Pregnancy Odds

Endangered Ocelot Born at the Texas Zoo from Novel Artificial Insemination Validates Method

An ocelot kitten born four weeks ago at the Texas Zoo in Victoria was produced using a new artificial insemination (AI) approach that improves the timing of AI relative to the female’s ovarian cycle. The birth of a healthy kitten helps to validate this “fixed-time” AI method for producing pregnancies in endangered cat species.

“By suppressing the…

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