Special Care for Cincinnati Zoo’s Senior Citizens

Special Care for Cincinnati Zoo’s Senior Citizens

Many of the older animals at the Cincinnati Zoo require the same TLC and medications as your grandparents might.  Arthritis, high blood pressure, vision and cardiac issues are as common in animals as they are in humans.  As a result, the Zoo’s hospital is stocked with anti-inflammatories, diuretics and beta blockers.

Animals in Zoos tend to live longer than they would in the wild, where…

Discover the World’s Most Exotic Destinations with the Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI – Whether you have a passion for travel, exotic destinations, or wildlife, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s 2011 Travel Series has the perfect voyage for you!

From the rainforests of South America to the deserts of Africa, there is a world of wonder waiting for you to explore. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden offers exciting and educational wildlife travel adventures in 2011 escorted by Cincinnati Zoo staff. You can learn about travel packages from the African savannah…