Cincinnati Zoo’s Baby Giraffe is One-Month-Old


Zuri, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s female baby giraffe turns one-month-old TODAY!  Over the weekend, Zuri was introduced to her outdoor yard, with her mom, Tessa.  Zuri loved her time outside and is excited to be spending more time in the great outdoors, weather permitting.  Video of Zuri, the baby giraffe, outside for the first time is available and can be viewed here –

Weather permitting, guests will be able to view Zuri in her outdoor yard…

Cincinnati Zoo Giraffe Expecting Soon

Pekua 3

CINCINNATI, OH (March 2, 2011) – Tessa, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s four-year-old Maasai giraffe is pregnant, due within the next two months. This news is especially exciting considering the last time the Zoo celebrated a giraffe birth was 1985. The Cincinnati Zoo’s history with giraffe births actually dates back to 1889 when it became the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to have a giraffe born in captivity. (NOTE FOR MEDIA: Media are invited to attend a photo…