Sea-Cow Shuffle at the Cincinnati Zoo


CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden animal care staff has been quite busy the last 48 hours – moving nine manatees, between six institutions. The Sea Cow Shuffle began on Tuesday, November 2, when the Zoo transported two manatees – “CC Baby” and “Turner” – by truck to Rickenbacker International Airport, in Columbus, Ohio, where they met three manatees from the Columbus Zoo, and together, flew to Orlando, Florida to prepare for release back to the wild.

Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes Back Manatees


Two New Manatees Scheduled to be on Display Thursday, April 1

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is excited to welcome two manatees to their new home at Otto M. Budig Family Foundation Manatee Springs! The Zoo’s first-ever female manatees, “Turner” and “CC Baby,” will arrive at the Zoo late Wednesday evening, March 31.  Zoo staff will escort the pair back to Cincinnati from their current home at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. After settling in to their new…