Andean Bear

spectaculed bear

The only bear native to South America, the Andean bear is the most arboreal of the bears. Long sharp claws are used to climb trees. Folding over tree branches, the bear forms a platform from which to forage on fruits. It may sleep and feed from its nest for days.

Polar Bear

Perilla Gages Shadow

Polar bears are survival specialists in an extreme environment—the Arctic, where winter lasts six months and temperatures average -30ºF. Their large body size, layers of thick, hollow hair, and three to four inches of blubber provide insulation from the cold, in and out of the water.

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American Black Bear

connie lemperle black bear web

Size, strength, agility, and other adaptations such as large claws, color vision, and an omnivorous diet make the black bear the most successful and widespread bear in North America. However, this adaptability can lead bears into conflict with people as they wander into camps and towns searching for food.