Chinchilla - 01 web

Chinchillas are small, soft rodents with bushy tails, large ears and long whiskers. With more hairs per follicle than any other mammal, chinchillas have a super soft coat that keeps them warm in the Andes mountains. Their red blood cells are able to carry more oxygen than other rodents, which is another adaptation to living in high altitudes.

Brazilian Porcupine


Spending most of its time in the canopy, the Brazilian porcupine is an expert climber. Large curved claws, bare soles and a prehensile tail help the large rodent grip branches as it moves through the trees. The muscular tail is nearly as long as the body and essentially acts as a fifth limb.

Naked Mole-rat

naked mole rat

Living in large colonies, the nearly blind naked mole-rat spends its entire life excavating tunnels underground in search of roots and tubers.  The colony is led by a single breeding female called the queen that mates with several males. All other colony  members forgo breeding to raise the pups, forage, and maintain the burrow.