Flat Rock Scorpion

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To escape the heat of the day and the attention of predators, a flat rock scorpion hides among the rocks. Its flattened body allows it to squeeze into tiny cracks and crevices. At night, the scorpion emerges to chase down small animals for dinner, using its powerful pincers to grab and crush prey.

Emperor Scorpion

emperor scorpion

A female scorpion produces live young and carries them on her back for several weeks until they leave to hunt. A young emperor scorpion kills its prey with venom injected through the sharp sting at the tip of its ‘tail.’ An adult, however, clamps and crushes its prey with powerful pincers, saving the sting for self-defense.

Desert Hairy Scorpion

desert scorpion

This arachnid spends the hot daytime hours hidden deep in an underground burrow, and emerges at night to patrol its territory and hunt. It is named for the numerous sensory hairs on its pincers and legs. These hairs detect vibrations caused by both prey and enemies, and tell the scorpion to either attack or retreat.