Florida Orb Web Spider

orb spider web

Up to three inches long, the female Florida orb web spider is five or six times larger than the male.  She traps flying insects in a large, sticky orb-web of silk spirals.  Wrapped in silk, captured prey may be stored for a future mealtime.

Togo Starburst Tarantula

togo tara

The Togo starburst tarantula is arboreal, living high up in the trees. It spins a long hollow silk tube in which to shelter. From its hiding place in the crook of a tree, the tarantula ambushes an insect and injects it with venom. The venom paralyzes the insect and breaks down its body tissue into liquid that the tarantula sucks up.

Brown Recluse Spider


This potentially dangerous spider is in fact quite shy (a real recluse) and normally bites humans only when accidentally trapped against the skin. It often bears a fiddle-like marking, but is best identified by its characteristic eye pattern (three paired lens). Unfortunately, many similar beneficial spiders are mistakenly killed.