Chiloe Wigeon

Chiloe Wigeon - 09 web

The Chiloe wigeon is a highly social duck that communicates by lifting its chin and whistling. It feeds mainly on land using its short bill to graze, yet will also dabble in the water for aquatic plants and invertebrates. Nesting in tall grasses, both parents help raise young.

East African Crowned Crane

east african crowned crane

The golden crown of feathers atop the East African crowned crane’s head is not the only thing that distinguishes it from other cranes. It has a shorter bill than other cranes, which allows it to feed on a wide range of foods. Also unlike other cranes, the crowned crane perches and roosts in trees, with the aid of a well-developed hind toe.

Black-faced Ibis

black faced ibis web

The black-faced ibis is a social bird that often feeds in small flocks. Its long legs, long flexible neck, and long sensitive bill are made for wading through grasses and shallow water and probing the mud for small animal prey.