Striped Skunk

Striped skunks are easily identified by their coloring pattern of white stripes on black. This pattern serves as a warning to would be predators that they can spray an extremely foul-smelling liquid when threatened. Scent glands at the base of the tail contain about one tablespoon of oily discharge at a time, enough for 5 to 6 sprays.


Tayras are both terrestrial and arboreal. On the ground, they run and bounce with the back arched and the tail along the ground. In the trees, they climb and move swiftly, using the tail for balance. Tayras take shelter in tree hollows, underground burrows, or in tall grasses.

North American River Otter

Ranging over much of North America, the river otter survives anywhere with access to abundant prey and clean water. With a streamlined body, webbed feet, muscular tail, flexible body, and waterproof fur, otters are designed for swimming in search of fish, crayfish, and other aquatic creatures to eat.