African Violet Notecards to Support the African Violet Conservation Fund.

These beautiful notecards can be purchased from “Art That Speaks by JenZi®”

They are color scans of actual pressed African violets, including the species Rupicola violet, sold as a test tube plant by CREW. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these notecards is being donated to the African Violet Conservation Fund.

Test Tube Plants

Grow your own plant in tissue culture – the same technique used by CREW scientists to grow endangered plants! Test tube plants are great for home or for the classroom. They make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, employee favors, etc. Test tube stand included. Watch the plant grow in the tube for several months. Once it is large enough, it can be transferred to soil to continue growing (complete instructions included).

Choose from 3 different plants:

  • Venus flytrap – insect-eating houseplant
  • ‘Rupicola’ African violet – houseplant
  • Gloxinia – houseplant

Cost per plant is $6.00. Please add $4.50 for shipping and handling for 1-3 plants. For larger orders please inquire about the cost of shipping and handling. Use this Order form, or email: testtubeplants@cincinnatizoo.org for more information.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these plants go to support the Exceptional Plant Signature Projects in the Plant Research Division at CREW. The EPPP uses tissue culture techniques to propagate endangered plant species when conventional propagation methods have not been successful. Proceeds from the sale of African violets go specifically to the Plant Research Division’s African Violet Conservation Fund. and will help support African violet conservation projects in Africa. Order Yours Today!

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. The photo provided above is meant to give a general description of the species available. Each plant is individual and will vary in appearance somewhat. We make every effort, however, to provide healthy plants which should continue to grow in the test tubes for several months before they can be transplanted to soil.