Flora Finder is a database created by the Local Flora Project as a tool for understanding how the changes in our region over the past 200 years have affected our local flora.  It provides online access to available records  of plants in the greater Cincinnati area, including Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana, past and present.

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What is in Flora Finder?

  • Records of individual plants that were seen at specific times and places in the Greater Cincinnati area.
  • Currently, there are over 30,000 records.
  • Records,  have come from the University of Cincinnati Herbarium, the Northern Kentucky University Herbarium and from plant surveys.

What can be learned from Flora Finder?

  • What plants have been found in the Greater Cincinnati area?
  • When were they found?
  • Where were they located?
  • Who collected the plants?

How do I search Flora Finder?

Ideas for using Flora Finder

  • Projects using Flora Finder. These might include:

  • Local Flora Connections and Support

    The Lucy Braun Challenge 2012

    Search Flora Finder for collections made by Dr. E. Lucy Braun, internationally known botanist of the last century from the University of Cincinnati, who collected plants in this region. Then, explore an area of the Greater Cincinnati region to ask the question, “Are these species still to be found in the areas Lucy Braun found them?” You will notice that some of the locations given in the database are very general, but some are more specific. We encourage you to report your findings to the Local Flora Project at [email protected]. We will compile the results at the end of the season and report them on our website.