Through their research, CREW scientists have become world experts on the reproductive physiology of Sumatran and Indian rhinos. In an effort to increase animal numbers and improve genetic diversity, CREW uses science and technology to achieve numerous reproductive breakthroughs in these highly endangered Asian rhinos.

Indian Rhino


CREW scientists developed sperm cryopreservation and artificial insemination procedures for the Indian rhino and produced the first rhino calf by AI with frozen sperm.



Sumatran Rhino


CREW scientists unraveled the mysteries of Sumatran rhino reproduction and produced the first Sumatran rhino calf bred and born in zoos in 112 years.



Rhino Global Partnerships


CREW scientists partner with many organizations and experts to achieve their goal of saving rhinos with science.


Rhino Sperm Bank


Sperm samples from some of the most genetically valuable rhinos in the world have been collected and cryopreserved in CREW’s CryoBioBank®.

Special Exhibit for Special Animals


Learn about special exhibit space for the Cincinnati Zoo’s Sumatran rhinos, one of the world’s rarest animals.


Rhino Publications

CREW scientists publish their breakthroughs in scientific, peer-reviewed journals and in articles for the popular press.