The Zoo cares for the largest collection of kea – a highly intelligent mountain parrot from New Zealand – in North America and is committed to the conservation of this species. 

Kea Project Resources

For more details on kea conservation activities, go to:
Kea Conservation Trust
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Conserving Kea through the Kea Conservation Trust

Project Saving Species funds support the efforts of the Kea Conservation Trust to conserve wild kea in their natural habitat and increase the husbandry standards and advocacy potential of kea held in captive facilities. Projects include comprehensive population research (inclusive of satellite and VHF radio tracking, nest monitoring, screening for disease and lead poisoning, etc.), removal of lead products from kea habitat, development of kea repellents, and implementation of the Arthurs Pass Community Kea Conservation Pilot Project. This project will examine the status of kea in the village area, develop an education/advocacy program directed towards residents, students and visitors to the area, identify conflict issues present, and identify solutions to resolve these conflicts.

Kea research (Photo: Nigel Adams)
Kea research (Photo: Nigel Adams)