These programs introduce students to the conservation science that goes on at the Zoo everyday. CREW Programs are the perfect way to supplement your Zoo visit!

 Questions? Email [email protected] or to register over the phone contact the Education Department at (513) 559-7767

Who can participate?
  • Grade 6 and up
  • Maximum group size is 30 students
When are CREW Programs available?
  • CREW Programs are available year-round at 10:00am and at 11:30am
  • Each program is approximately 90 minutes and includes a presentation and tour.
  • Make your reservations at least two weeks in advance.
  • Programs are held regardless of weather conditions unless a weather emergency is declared.
How much are CREW Programs?
  • Free with School Admission!
Where do Close Encounters Programs take place?
  • In The Carl H. Lindner Jr. Family Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW)
Saving Species with Science ®Grade 7 and up

This 90 minute presentation and tour explains how CREW scientists are using science and technology to conserve endangered animals and plants worldwide. It highlights signature projects, (Rhinos, Polar Bears, Small Cats, and Exceptional Plants), assisted reproduction techniques, and many other projects involving animal and plant conservation worldwide.
Exceptional Plants Grade 7 and upThis 90 minute presentation and tour highlights the exciting new exceptional plant research projects conducted by the Plant Division. Technologies used for collection, propagation, and preservation of plants are explained. Procedures for tissue culture, cloning, and cryopreservation also are shown.
Why Plants?Grade 6-8This 60 minute presentation and tour emphasizes the importance of plants in the local (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) environment. There is also an introduction to Flora Finder, a unique tool that can be searched online to provide information on local flora past and present.