The newest & easiest way to support your Zoo! 

For as little as $5 a month, you can join a group of dedicated supporters committed to making an ongoing, monthly contribution.  Your monthly gifts will provide the dependable income we need to deliver the vision of inspiring every visitor with wildlife every day. 


  • IT’S EASY:  You agree to make a set contribution each month.  We will deduct the amount from your credit or debit card during the first week of each month.  Spreading your support throughout the year is a really convenient way to fit your donations into your personal budget.  We will send you an annual summary at the end of every year to help in your tax preparations.  
  • IT’S EFFECTIVE:  Monthly giving is the most cost-effective way to support your Zoo.  Plus, your monthly gift automatically renews your support – reducing the need to send mailings and delivering more of your dollars directly into caring for the animals.
  • IT’S GREEN:   By reducing the amount of mail we send our donors, you will help us maintain our billing as “The Greenest Zoo in America”.
  • IT’S YOUR CHOICE:  You are in charge.  If you need to change or discontinue your monthly gift for any reason, you may do so at any time by writing, emailing or calling 513-487-3328.

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or call us at 513-487-3328 for more information. 

We truly appreciate you considering an easy monthly investment.