Eat Like An Animal

Introduction by Thane Maynard

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but almost everybody feeds their pets food that’s good for them. They buy specifically formulated diets, and rarely feed junk food to their dogs, cats, birds, or other pets.

And this is triple true at the Zoo. Our animals literally eat better than people do. (Our nutritionist says “If we won’t eat it, we won’t feed it!” – Watch video about Cincinnati Zoo nutrition.)

That’s because for some weird, hard to explain reason, people very often eat the wrong things. For example, I bet something like this happened when you were a kid. You were riding along in the family station wagon and your Mom caught you out of the corner of her eye feeding your dog a potato chip. Moms somehow know what’s going on at all times.

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Of course, she immediately says, “Honey, please don’t feed snacks to the dog!”

As you eat another one, you ask, chewing with your mouth open, “Why not?”

Here’s the kicker – the answer always was something like, ‘Because it’s bad for their heart.” And the implied answer was, “So go ahead and eat them yourself.”

Of course, the real answer is that most human snack foods do not make good pet food. They are not made for dogs. But the funny thing is that dogs are omnivores that can eat darn near anything, and they are actually built to run all day long, so it matters less to them what they eat than it does a human.

And of course, with all the frying, added fat, and salt, many processed snacks are in fact not good for you. So, what to do?

The answer is easy – EAT LIKE AN ANIMAL!

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Eat Like an Animal – Keep It Simple
Wild animals do not suffer from the same levels of our diseases like obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and even cancer – principally because they eat what they are built to eat. And no junk food allowed. Listen to Podcast >


The Zoo Diet
We go around the globe, sparing no expense, to procure the very freshest whole foods, anywhere – for our animals. No zoo animals eat junk food. Nor do they get weird, processed foods from a box that contains all sorts of impossible to comprehend additives. Listen to Podcast >
Tips for Eating Like An Animal 
No soda pop. Nada. – Both sugar free and regular soft drinks are bad for your teeth and for your body. They, and most sweetened drinks, are just bad for you all the way around. Besides, you only let your pet drink water anyway! Listen to Podcast >