Virtual Summer Camp

Explore the Zoo, experience nature, and discover the excitement and wonder of animals all from the comfort and safety of your home! Hikes in the Zoo, visits from Animal Friends, crafts, songs, and so much more make Summer Camp a jam-packed week to remember!

Registration Now Open

Please register children according to the grade they will enter in the fall.

Half Day Camps: 9am-10am for 4 yr olds- Kindergarten, 9am-12pm for 1st-2nd Grade, or 1pm-4pm for 3rd-8th grade.

Half-Day Camp

Cost: Members: $53 / Non-Members: $64

Bringing Up Baby

Do other animals live in families like humans? Are all babies raised by their moms? During this camp, we’ll experience up close animal encounters, make crafts, and, of course, hike around the Zoo to learn about why it can take a mom, dad, pack, or no one at all to raise a baby animal.

Dates: June 1-5, June 8-12, June 15-19 or June 22-26
Times: 9am-10am

Half-Day Camp

Cost: Members: $120 / Non-Members: $135

Animal Chatter

Why is that lion roaring? What is that bird chirping about? This camp will explore animals and how they “talk” to each other. Join us for a fun-filled week, where campers will discover what animals are communicating, through smell (gross), facial expressions and sound.

Dates: June 1-5, June 8-12, June 15-19 or June 22-26
Times: 9am-noon

Half-Day Camp

Cost: Members: $120 / Non-Members: $135

ZSI: Zoo Scene Investigation

Footprints…teeth marks…broken branches…and scat? What can these clues tell us about the biology of wildlife and the events that occurred at the scene? Discover ways to study the evidence that animals leave behind as well as learn about ways that Zoo professionals are using science to help conserve wildlife.

Dates: June 1-5, June 8-12, June 15-19 or June 22-26
Times: 1pm-4pm

Half-Day Camp

Cost: Members: $120 / Non-Members: $135

Operation Conservation

This program will explore the ins and outs of wildlife conservation. through behind-the-scenes tours, animal encounters, hikes, and other activities, we’ll learn about real-life conservation research taking place at the Zoo, some of the tools researchers use to keep track of wild populations of species, and what we can do to help the wildlife in our own backyard.

Dates: June 1-5, June 8-12, June 15-19 or June 22-26
Times: 1pm-4pm

Virtual Summer Camp FAQ

How long is virtual summer camp?

The 4 year old & Kindergartener virtual camp will run from 9am-10am EST. 1st-2nd will run from 9am-12pm EST. 3rd-5th and 6th-8th will run from 1pm-4pm EST. Every virtual camp will be jam packed with interactive activities to keep your child engaged and learning about wildlife from the comfort of your home!

What sort of activities will be included in a day of virtual camp?

Each day will follow the same basic schedule so that you and your child will have a predictable routine for the week. This schedule will be detailed in a PDF packet that we will email to you prior to your first day of camp. Each day will include an introduction with an activity or game, 1-2 animal encounters in the classroom, virtual hikes through the zoo, a snack and bathroom breaks, and will end with a craft or project. 

What platform will you be using for virtual summer camp?

We will be using Zoom as our platform for meeting each day. There will be a link to a private meeting room shared with you before camp starts. The Zoo will have 2-3 Zoo Educators interacting with and assisting campers throughout the program each day to help them navigate the Zoom controls. Prior to your first day of camp, you will receive a PDF packet that also explains the basic features your child will need to know how to use during their time “at camp”. 

Can I purchase one spot for all of my children?

We understand it is nearly impossible to keep siblings from popping in and out of the virtual experience. We do ask that all children participating are within the accurate grade band. This helps keep the activities age appropriate and engaging for all involved. We also ask that if multiple children are wanting to sign in and participate individually, that all children have registered separately. We are trying to keep our child to adult ratio in a particular range so that our Zoo Educators can adequately assist and interact with all children participating in camp.

Will there be breaks throughout camp?

Yes! The camp instructor will be sure to make time for bathroom breaks. We will also be taking a break for a virtual snack time. We ask that you “pack” a child friendly snack for our snack break. Ideally, your child would be self sufficient and can open their snack independently. However, we understand they may need help from a grown up and that is okay! Note: snack time will not be included in the one hour 4 year old & Kindergartener camp. 

Will my child need supplies for camp?

Your child may need a few simple supplies for their week of camp. Prior to your first day of camp, you will receive a PDF packet that lists the supplies recommended to complete activities or crafts with the instructor. We are aiming for basic supplies that are likely to be found in most homes. 

I’m worried about screen time!!!!

We totally understand and respect parents’ concern about increased screen time for children of all ages. We are an environmental education organization that wants to see children spend more time outdoors and less time in front of screens. Virtual Summer Camp is intended to provided a few hours of engaging content that encourages and inspires kids to want to go outside and explore and learn about nature during the rest of their day and weekends. Our goal is to provide content and activities that leaves your kids begging to go outside and collect things and observations they can share with us and their peers in the following days’ Virtual Summer Camp online classroom.

Can my child see their friends in virtual summer camp?

Yes! If participants allow their camera to be turned on during the program, they will be able to see and be seen by other friends in class. We encourage cameras to be turned on to help create an interactive experience during our camps.