These programs for 6-7 year olds or 1st-2nd graders are designed to foster your child’s excitement in animals. Explore, experience, and discover the Zoo with live animal encounters and age-appropriate activities.

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Who can participate?
  • Children 6-7 years old or 1st-2nd graders.
  • Adults are always welcome but need not accompany the child.  (No Charge for adults.)
When are 6-7 year old programs available?
  • Year round. See below for dates and topics.
How much are 6-7 year old programs?
  • Sign up for individual classes, or for the entire series and save!
  • Cost per Class: $12/ Member – $16/ Non-Member
  • Cost per Series: $40/ Member – $56/ Non-Member
Where do 6-7 year old programs take place?
  • Most occur in the Harold C. Schott Education Center. Confirmation materials will be received once you have registered.

Questions? Contact us at (513) 559-7767 or email [email protected]


Fall/Winter Dates & Topics

Sign up for individual classes or for the entire series and save! No charge for accompanying adult.

Cost per Class: Members: $12 / Non-Members: $16

Cost for Series: Members: $40 / Non-Members: $56

topic description Dates & times

Armor, dams, swimming goggles, and even perfume – all of these ideas were inspired by animals! Find out more about animal inventors and meet some of the originals up close. Adults always welcome but need not accompany child. Register online

September 20: 4:30-6 pm

September 21: 1-2:30 pm

September 26: 10-11:30 am

September 28: 9:30-11 am or 11:30 am-1 pm


Whether it’s inside or outside, animals have some pretty impressive skeletons. We’ll practice putting together a skeleton as we lean about different bones and the animals that have them. Then, we’ll meet some animals to figure out how each one’s bones are different. Adults always welcome but need not accompany child. Register online

October 18: 4:30-6 pm

October 19: 1-2:30 pm

October 24: 10 am-11:30 am

October 26: 9:30-11 am or 11:30 am-1 pm


Can you see as far as a hawk or hear as well as a hedgehog? Through several activities, we will test our senses and then meet some animals with terrific senses! We may even find some animals that use senses that humans don’t have. Adults always welcome but need not accompany child. Register online

November 15: 4:30-6 pm

November 16: 1-2:30 pm

November 21: 10-11:30 am

November 23: 9:30 am-11 am, or 11:30 am-1 pm


Enjoy the beginning of the winter season as we learn how animals survive in the snow and ice. Dress warm for a hike in the Zoo to visit some of our residents that enjoy the cold. We will learn about the adaptations that keep animals protected even in the coldest environments and make a “polar bear wreath” that you can take home. Register online

December 20: 4:30-6 pm

December 21 : 1-2:30 pm


Whether it’s a harbor seal, a scarlet macaw or a fat tailed gecko, animals have adapted many ways to deal with their surroundings. From the softest fur to the toughest scales, we will discover how these coverings help the animals and even have a chance to see what a couple animals feel like. Register Online.

January 17: 4:30 pm-6pm

January 18: 1-2:30pm

January 23: 10-11:30am

January 25: 11:30am-1pm


Could you beat an ant in weightlifting contest or a cheetah in a 50 yard dash? Investigate what it takes to be an animal superstar and look for some around the Zoo. We will test a few of our athletic abilities and see how we measure up with the animal world’s best! Register Online.


February 14: 4:30-6pm

February 15: 1-2:30pm

February 20: 10-11:30am

February 22: 11:30am-1pm