Your 8-11 year old or 3-4 grader will explore, experience, and discover during these programs. Designed to foster your child’s excitement in animals, the program combines live animal encounters with age-appropriate activities and learning opportunities.

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Who can participate?
  • Children 8-11 years old or 3-4 grader.
  • Adults are always welcome but need not accompany the child. (No Charge for adults.)
When are 8-11 year old programs available?
  • Year round. See below for dates and topics.
How much are 8-11 year old programs?
  • Sign up for individual classes, or for the entire series and save!
  • Cost per Class: $12/ Member – $16/ Non-Member
  • Cost per Series: $40/ Member – $56/ Non-Member
Where do 8-11 year old programs take place?
  • Most occur in the Harold C. Schott Education Center. Confirmation materials will be received once you have registered.

Questions? Contact us at (513) 559-7767 or email [email protected]


Fall Dates & Topics

Sign up for individual classes or for the entire series and save! No charge for accompanying adult.

Cost per Class: Members: $12 / Non-Members: $16

Cost for Series: Members: $40 / Non-Members: $56

topic description Dates & times

From elephants to crocodiles, come discover some of the world’s most extreme animals. We’ll explore those animals that are the tallest, biggest, heaviest, quickest, and more! We’ll explore the Zoo looking for some “extreme” residents as well as meet a few up-close. Register online

September 14 or 28: 2:30-4 pm

September 20: 4:30-6 pm

September 21: 1-2:30 pm

September 26: 10-11:30 am


Whether it’s an emperor penguin in the Arctic or a flamingo in South America, birds are all over the world. Go globetrotting with us around the world as we examine the variety of birds that abound. We’ll also keep an eye out for any migrators heading south. Register online

October 12 or 26: 2:30-4 pm

October 18: 4:30-6 pm

October 19: 1-2:30 pm

October 24: 10-11:30 am


If you think that polar bears like to eat penguins….think again! Discover the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic as well as what animals call them home. Check out the Zoo for some cold weather animals and learn how they survive. Register online

November 9 or 23: 2:30-4 pm

November 15: 4:30-6 pm

November 16: 1-2:30 pm

November 21: 10-11:30 am


Whether its large cats or small cats, felines are agile stalkers, impressive predators, and represent the wild side of house cats everywhere! Discover the different species of cats of the world, as well as the species that can be found at the Cincinnati Zoo. Register online

December 14: 2:30-4 pm

December 20: 4:30-6 pm

December 21: 1-2:30 pm


Humans have a lot to learn from nature’s ingenuity and efficiency! From flight to motorcycle helmets, animals have been the inspiration of countless human inven- tions. Test your invention knowledge in our game meet some animal inventors up-close! Register Online.

January 17: 4:30-6pm

January 18: 1-2:30pm

January 23: 10-11:30am

January 25: 2:30-4pm


 Ever wonder what an elephant leaves behind or where it goes? Even if you’ve never entertained such thoughts, this class is guaranteed to get you excited about animal scat! From identification to diet, an animal’s scat can reveal a lot about an animal. In addition, lots of animals like to call scat “home”. Learn to identify some of our Zoo animals by some “unusual” means as we get up close with the scoop on poop! Register Online.


February 14: 4:30-6pm

February 15: 1-2:30pm

February 20: 10-11:30am

February 22: 2:30-4pm