Choose From Four Exciting Overnight Topics!

School Group? All paid teaching staff attending a school Overnight Program are free.

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Creature Quest (Kindergarten and up)

Investigate physical and behavioral adaptations of animals and how adaptation diversity in different habitats is the key to survival!

Why do owls have such big eyes? Why are most cats nocturnal? Investigate the world around you while learning about nocturnal animals! See our education animal ambassadors during a live animal encounter, take a night hike to visit some our our nocturnal animal residents, get a glimpse behind the scenes of what it takes to care for our zoo animal residents, and discover adaptations in an exciting and interactive ways!

How much does Creature Quest cost?
  • $41.00 per participant
Where will you sleep?

Creature Quest sleeps in the Harold C. Schott Education Center classrooms

  • Minimum group size is 15 participants, including chaperones
  • Maximum group size is 120 participants, including chaperones
What will you learn?

During the Creature Quest Overnight we will investigate animals and learn to ask questions and figure out the answers. Using the QUEST method, participants will create their own study to learn more about our animals. We will also talk about adaptations and nocturnal animals. An adaptation is a physical or behavioral characteristic that helps an animal or plant survive and reproduce in its habitat. For example, a Night Monkey’s huge eyes allow it to see better at night, and the Honey Bee Waggle Dance shows other bees where food is! On your overnight, you will:

  • Learn about the QUEST method and design your own study
  • Understand how physical and behavioral adaptations ensure survival
  • Appreciate the diversity of animals and their adaptations
  • Understand the specific adaptations of nocturnal animals

African Predator Prowl (2nd Grade & up)

Prowl the Zoo at night in search of predators from Africa and beyond while learning about the vital role of predators and humans in a healthy ecosystem.

Groups will interact with some of our African education animal ambassadors, go on a night hike through the Zoo in search of African predators, get a peek behind the scenes to see what it takes to care for our African animal residents, and do a hands-on investigation exploring predation techniques in the African Savannah

How much does African Predator Prowl cost?
  • $41.00 per participant
Where will you sleep?

Africa Predator Prowl sleeps in the new Harold C. Schott Education Center classrooms

  • Minimum group size is 15 participants, including chaperones.
  • Maximum group size is 120 participants, including chaperones.
What will you learn?

During Africa Predator Prowl we will prowl the Zoo for predators, explore the intricate food webs that support these animals and learn what role humans have played in the lives of predators over the centuries.

  • Explore food-webs  and uncover the broad implications when the balance is disrupted.
  • Determine what a predator’s role is and discuss how predators around the world have been impacted by changes in their environment.
  • Discover the legacies of predators in Africa and how these animals have fared over the generations
  • Explore modern challenges of wildlife management, and species’ success stories.

23018144209_3feab05ea9_bSleep with the Manatees (Grades 2 & up)

Explore the diversity of life on Earth while spending the night with our resident manatees!

Groups will meet some of our diverse animal ambassadors from both the United States and beyond, take a night hike to explore the diversity at the Zoo, take a peek behind the scenes to see what it takes to care for our diverse zoo animal residents, and drift off to sleep with our current resident manatees at your feet.

How much does Sleep with the Manatees Cost?
  • $51.00 per participant
Where will you sleep?

Sleep where our Manatees sleeps- in the Manatees Springs building.

  • Minimum group size is 15 participants, including chaperones.
  • Maximum group size is 60 participants, including chaperones.
  • To have an exclusive program, your group must have 40 or more people. If you have 39 or less, we may book another group with yours
What will you learn?

On your overnight, you will explore:

  • Biodiversity, where it can be found and how we play a significant role in protecting it
  • Eco-regions, specifically the Florida Everglades, and how relationships within make them so significant
  • The Florida manatee, discover why it is endangered and what you can do to help
  • Human impact to biodiversity

 Twiga Tented Safari (Grade 2 & up)

Transport yourself to Africa during this high-end tented camp overnight experience at the Zoo!

Built on the edge of the newly expanded Giraffe exhibit, Twiga Tented Safari offers an intimate, high-end, and authentic African adventure at the Zoo including special encounters with African animals, unique behind the scenes tours, comfortable cots in safari tents, a continental breakfast, and so much more!

*Available April – October

How much does Twiga Tented Safari cost?
  • $810 per tent
  • Each tent sleeps up to 10 individuals with up to 4 tents available
  • There is a 1 tent minimum for this overnight, but there is no minimum participation required
Where will you sleep?
  • Each of our 4 African safari tents sleeps up to 10 people on comfortable cot bunk beds
  • Twiga Tented Camp sits on the edge of Giraffe Ridge which provides a stunning close-up with our giraffes in the morning when you exit your tent!
What will you learn?

On your overnight, you will experience:

  • An experiential program that will transport you to Africa through unique opportunities only available for Twiga overnights
  • Special encounters with African zoo animals
  • A special behind-the-scenes peek with one of our Africa exhibit residents
  • A provided bonfire snack and continental catered breakfast
  • A bonding experience with your friends and family you will never forget!