Thursday, July 17

Tickets: $20 per person (includes parking and Zoo admission)

Guided tours will depart from Vine Street Village beginning at 7:10pm. Guests will have the opportunity to join a second guided tour beginning at 8:00pm.

See below for tour topics and details!

Food and drinks will be available for purchase in the Watering Hole located in Vine Street Village.

Registration for this event is now closed. 

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All proceeds support the Zoo’s Horticulture program.

Guided Tour Topics

Director’s Tour – Guide: Steve Foltz, Director of Horticulture

Join Steve for an informative stroll through the Zoo’s gardens and learn more about how he and his team work to create and maintain one of the leading botanical gardens in the country. This general tour will provide an all-encompassing look into our Horticulture program.

Native Plants Tour – Guide: Brian Jorg, Manager, Native Plants Program

Join Brian for an up-close glimpse into the world of native plants.  This will include visits to native gardens, and discussion of the innovative ways our Horticulture and CREW research teams are working together to conserve endangered native plants, including propagation and reintroduction into wild spaces.

Renewing the Canopy: Tree Tour – Guide: Scott Beuerlein, Horticulturist, and Chair of Taking Root

Join Scott for an in-depth look at our garden’s spectacular collection of trees, both new and ancient and learn more about the plan for continued growth of the canopy.

Annuals & Perennials Tour – Guides: Kyra Back & Tosh Dobias, Horticulurists

Learn more about the unique cultivars that are stealing the show during the Zoo’s annuals trial as well as our horticulturists’ most favored perennials.

Zoo History Tour – Guide: Deb Zureick, Manager of Horticulture & Zoo Historian

Originally founded in 1875 as an experimental garden with designs by the fabled Adolph Strauch, the gardens of the second oldest Zoo in America have a fascinating story to tell.

Exhibits, Design & Care Tour – Guide: Lyn Lutz, Horticulture Manager of Exhibits

Take a behind the scenes look at the design and care that goes into the execution of our most beloved exhibits. With an emphasis on designing durable gardens that mimic the natural habitat of our animals, join Lyn for this intriguing stroll through the park.

Bringing Africa to Cincinnati Tour – Guide: Ben Necessary, Horticulturist, Africa Project Manager

Join Ben for a detailed look at what it took to build and design green space for the largest exhibit in the Zoo’s history.