Hippo Logo Design FinalHippos are the most frequently requested animal by visitors to our Zoo and they have finally made their way back to Cincinnati!

This newest exhibit in Africa was designed to bring visitors #CloseEnoughToCare by inspiring them with wildlife! There is an underwater viewing area and an interactive play area for children young and old to learn and explore more about these giant, and amazing animals. The Nile hippo exhibit and surrounding family play area are the final addition to the Zoo’s $34 million Africa exhibit.

Meet the Hippos



Bibi was born in 1999 and is from the St. Louis Zoo. She weighs over 3,000 pounds!


Fiona was born on January 24, 2017! She was 6-weeks premature. Follow her story here.

Saving H2O

Hippos haven’t been at the Cincinnati Zoo since 1997, and then they were not able to be viewed under water. A single hippo can generate about 22 pounds of waste per day. The Cincinnati Zoo will have two.

hippo-infographic-webSenior director of facilities, planning and sustainability, Mark Fisher, says the new hippo exhibit is twice the size of the manatee exhibit and one of their main focuses is keeping a nearly 70,000 gallon exhibit pool clean enough for visitors to actually see the hippos. 

The zoo has saved 1 billion gallons of water since 2005 and 100% of the water put into the exhibit will come from rain water. Hippo exhibit pool holds approx. 11,000 gal. (about 140 bathtubs). A 400,000-gallon underground detention tank below the painted dogs collects rainwater that’s filtered and used to feed the streams, waterfalls and tanks in Africa and other Zoo exhibits like Hippo Cove.