The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the finest horticultural display gardens in the country. The plant collections are a unique blend of gardens and exhibits that demonstrate the diversity of plants and their relationship to humans and animals. Over 3,000 kinds of plants provide informative and educational resources for all plant enthusiasts. Exploring the Garden each season provides a new and changing look in the landscape. Bright vivid spring flowers, including 80,000 tulips and thousands of flowering trees and shrubs transition to a lush and vibrant summer landscape. Autumn is adorned with brilliant colors giving way to winter’s brightly colored fruits and berries and a clear view of the impressive architecture of regal trees throughout the Garden. A visit to the Zoo is a global adventure where exhibits simulate natural habitats for animals and plants. Exploring the Garden is a walk through tropical rainforests, an African savanna, Florida swamps, the Arctic tundra and the native eastern American woodlands to name a few. While exploring the world be sure to visit some of our specialty plant display gardens.


NEW! Go Green Garden

This exhibit highlights the Zoo’s green efforts in terms of green building design, energy efficiency, water conservation, storm water management, solid waste management, and land stewardship. Go Green Challenges throughout the exhibit present tangible suggestions for how visitors can address the same issues at home. The Go Green Garden also acts as the hub for botanical information in addition to its emphasis on going green.

Butterfly Garden

Located next to the World of Insects, this display garden features plants used throughout the life cycle of butterflies. Colorful interpretive signs highlight the complete cycle from catepillar to pupae to butterfly and what plants are used in each stage. Annual and perennial plants provide nectar to attract butterflies and a colorful garden spot throughout the summer season.

Food Garden

Located in front of the Rhino Cafe, this seasonal display garden highlights delicious treats we enjoy eating and drinking including coffee, bananas and chocolate trees.

African Violet Display

Located in Jungle Trails, the Cincinnati African Violet Society provides a seasonal display showcasing African violets in a naturalistic setting. Discover the many varieties of colors and sizes of this endangered plant species.

Botanical Center

Looking for The Zoo’s Best Brochures or an answer to a garden question? Stop by the Botanical Center for more garden information and hands on plant activities for the family.

CREW Endangered Species Garden

At the entrance of CREW features a number of plant species of conservation concern in our region, patterned after four local habitats; woodland, prairie, wetland, and rocky outcrop.

Native Plant Garden

Explore the landscape next to the Passenger Pigeon Memorial, home to many native plants, trees, and shrubs.

The Rain Garden

Positioned in front of the Harold C. Schott education building is a beautiful example of how to reduce urban stormwater pollution and improve local water quality. Rain gardens absorb water 30%-40% more efficiently than a standard lawn. Check out the Zoo’s Rain Garden Manual TODAY! (PDF)


The Green Roof at Giraffe Ridge

The Zoo’s new Giraffe Ridge building has a 2,400 square foot green roof, planted with a variety of sedum and other plants. It is one of only a few visible, commercial green roofs in the city. The roof is a test garden to see which plants work best, which will help others build successful green roofs. Watch the Video to Learn More!

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