Tuesday, February 27

10:00am – 2:00pm

This event is FREE with Zoo admission – Zoo admission is half price through March 9!

Presented by:

Cold Jet

Join the Zoo in celebrating and conserving wildlife during International Polar Bear Day presented by Cold Jet. International Polar Bear Day invites visitors to learn more about these amazing animals through interactive discovering stations and special animal encounters. Next, help us make it a global day of action for the bears by taking part in our Thermostat Challenge at home, work, or school. Just lower your thermostat on February 27th to reduce your carbon emissions and help polar bears.

You Can Help Save Polar Bears

Using less energy produced by carbon-based fuels reduces our carbon emissions and can slow and even stop global warming, in turn saving our sea ice. Polar bears require sea ice for efficient hunting.

Without sea ice, polar bears will decline in range and numbers, making them vulnerable to extinction in the future.

Winter or summer, adjusting the thermostat saves energy. Join us in setting your thermostat up or down (depending on the season) by at least two degrees to reduce your energy consumption—and adjust it even more at night and when no one is home. For each degree a thermostat is adjusted up or down for the season—in a setback period at least eight hours long—a family, school, or business can save 1% of the cost. More important, this action stops wasting energy and reduces greenhouse gas pollution. You can make every day a polar bear day by buying and installing a programmable thermostat or taking extra steps to reduce your energy consumption throughout the year.

Learn more: Through the use of assisted reproduction and sound scientific technologies, CREW scientists are Saving Species with Science®. The Cincinnati Zoo is also proud to partner with Polar Bears International as an Arctic Ambassador Center. The goal of this partnership is to sustain a future for polar bears across the Arctic.

Animal Enrichment and Activities

Facebook Live: Tune in to the Zoo’s Facebook page at 10:15am for a special Facebook Live with polar bears at Lords of the Arctic.
Interactive Stations : 11:00am – 2:00pm

Polar Bear Lords of the Arctic 10:15
Painted Dog Painted Dog Valley 10:15
Manatee Manatee Springs 10:30
Lion Africa 11:00
Kea Free Flight Aviary 11:15
Meerkat Africa 11:30
Elephant Elephant Reserve 12:00
Insect Meet & Greet World of Insect 1:00
Bonobo Jungle Trails 1:00
Arctic Fox Lords of the Arctic 1:00