Our Japanese Macaques

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 Female - TakaraShe is the most dominant female and has a lighter face than the rest of the females (more pink than red). She has a really soft and smooth coat and will usually sit on or near the highest rock in the exhibit.  She will often be spotted sitting with Ohno.


 Female - YukiShe is often seen cuddling with Midori and is easily mistakable for Takara.  She has a larger tummy, also has a nice full coat, but the coat is shaggier.


 Female - MidoriShe has a very distinctive lump on her face and you may often see her and another female (Yuki) cuddling or sitting on the rock shelf towards the front of exhibit.


 Female - EmikoHer hair is finally growing in on her head and has more of a square face and pronounced brow ridge.  She looks similar to a bull dog, and kind of walks like one as well.  She will hang out with Ohno a lot as well.


Male - NikoThe Smaller of the two males, pale face, often causing trouble.  Very similar looking to Ohno. He will often pick fights with his brother and is the trouble maker of the group.


 Male - OhnoThe largest of the two males, pale face, nice and trim. He has much lighter skin and coat color and will often be with the two females, but also with his younger brother, Niko.