EcOhio Native Plant Sale Extravaganza!

EcOhioFarmChase_GOW2014_FiaCSaturday, May 16
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden EcOhio Farm
2210 Mason Montgomery Road

Beautify your garden with over 150 of the very best native plant species for your landscape or restoration project. These native plants will not only enhance the look of your garden, but will also enhance its attractiveness to wildlife, with a large selection of butterfly nectar plants and their host plants.

Event Details

Visit the Zoo’s EcOhio Farm and Wetland in Warren County. Learn about the land’s history and take a piece of it home with our Native Plant Sale. EcOhio offers a 24-acre reclaimed wetland, a 100-acre organic farm, newly established honeybee hives, and an abundance of wildlife.  Green BEAN Delivery manages the organic farm and grows crops for their home delivery business as well as the Zoo’s animals and guests. The 24-acre wetland has become home or a stopover point for hundreds of birds and other wildlife. The 15  new beehives are home to thousands of honeybees that will help pollinate the entire ecosystem. Join Zoo staff  on Saturday, May 16th from 9am until 3pm to explore the property. We’ll be on the lookout for wildlife that has been returning to the area since we have reclaimed the wetland and began farming sustainably. We’ll share how this unique ecosystem is all connected, and how you can recreate it in your own backyard with our Native Plant Sale.

The Extravaganza offers –

  • Native Plant Sale – Native plants, including ones that you see throughout the EcOhio ecosystem, will be for sale. Cash, check, and credit card will be accepted.
  • Guided Hikes – Join Zoo Staff as we tour the wetland. Learn about the plants, wildlife, and future plans for the wetland. There are no real or paved trails, so come prepared with sturdy shoes, sunscreen, long pants, bug spray, and binoculars.
  • Native Animal Appearances – Meet and greet with some of the wildlife that might call EcOhio home.
  • Education Booths – Learn from experts about how you can help the bees, butterflies, and birds, all important members of the ecosystem at EcOhio. 

EcoOhioFarmBrianHike_GOW2014_FiaCSee the farm, hike the wetland, and learn about the Zoo’s future plans for this thriving oasis in the middle of the suburbs. Purchase native plants to begin an oasis of your own. Join us for this drop in Extravaganza!

*Please note this is a working farm and ecosystem. Bathrooms may not be available.


native 2Our Native Plant Program is the product of our long-standing interest in native flora. We are particularly focused on native plants that are valuable to horticulture. Our continuing collection of material, propagation work, and our conservation efforts with C.R.E.W, have given us many native plants to use and trial in our landscapes. Many of our gardens and exhibits, especially those associated with Eastern North American animal species, are composed entirely of native plants. The new Nighthunters exhibit garden is one such native garden, as is the nearby garden that surround the Passenger Pigeon Memorial. The woodland plantings of Wolf Woods feature many native trees, and a host of native woodland understory species below. Additionally, the Schott Education Center rain garden is entirely native. native 1While these gardens are exclusively native by design, native plants are liberally planted throughout the entire Zoo, often in exhibits mimicking plants of exotic lands. This just hints at the rich diversity of native plants we are privileged to here in Eastern North America.







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