April 6 Tunes & Blooms Concert Rescheduled

April 6 Tunes & Blooms Concert Rescheduled

Hickory Robot will play next week on Wednesday, April 12


WHO:             Due to inclement weather forecast for tomorrow, the first Tunes & Blooms concert of the year has to be postponed. Hickory Robot will play next Wednesday, April 12 at 6:00 pm.  NOTE: Buffalo Wabs, on the bill for originally-scheduled April 6 concert, will not play.
WHAT:          The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden features FREE concerts every Thursday evening in April…

It’s Bloomin’ Awesome at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Botanical Garden!

CINCINNATI – (March 31, 2017) On April 12, 1987, the Cincinnati Zoological Garden officially changed its name to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to give equal emphasis to the animals and plants that are part of the Zoo’s landscape.  The garden has grown over the years and now includes a spring display of more…

Baby Takin Arrives Right on Time

Mom and baby are bonding in their behind-the-scenes den

Seven-year-old takin Sally gave birth to a healthy calf on Saturday, March 18, 2017, around 2pm at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Her previous calf, born in 2015, had to be hand-reared due to medical issues, so this is her first real attempt to raise offspring.  Her care staff has observed…

Blakely the Australian Shepherd Filling in as Parent to One-Month-Old Tiger Cubs

Cincinnati Zoo’s canine companion called into action

CINCINNATI, OH  (March 10, 2017) – Three rare Malayan tiger cubs, all female, have been cared for by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s nursery staff since they were born on February 3, 2017, and ignored by their mother. Their care team now includes the Zoo’s four-legged, resident nursery companion and former

New Approach Used by Cincinnati Zoo Reproductive Scientists Improves Pregnancy Odds

Endangered Ocelot Born at the Texas Zoo from Novel Artificial Insemination Validates Method

An ocelot kitten born four weeks ago at the Texas Zoo in Victoria was produced using a new artificial insemination (AI) approach that improves the timing of AI relative to the female’s ovarian cycle. The birth of a healthy kitten helps to validate this “fixed-time” AI method for producing pregnancies in endangered cat species.

“By suppressing the…

Support #TeamFiona

Thank you for your support. Because of your generosity, you’ve helped us cover costs for Fiona’s 24/7 care, vet support, hippo room modifications & new flooring, formula, baby-proofing, baby pools, blood analysis, extra indoor heating and more! Stay up-to-date with Fiona’s progress here.

NOTE: Closed fundraisers that were legitimate and supported Cincinnati Zoo included Booster, Busken, and LuLaRoe.

There are plenty of ways to join #TeamFiona! Here are different ways you can support Fiona, the premature baby hippo:

Thank you…

Cincinnati Zoo Okapi Delivers Healthy Baby Boy

CINCINNATI, OH  (February 23, 2017) – The baby boom continues at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! Eight-year-old okapi Kuvua gave birth to a healthy, sixty-pound baby boy last week and all is well in the okapi barn.

“This is Kuvua’s third calf, so she knew what to do right away.  The calf stood within an hour of birth and nursed 30 minutes later,” said Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo. “She immediately started nuzzling and cleaning the…

Cincinnati Children’s Joins #TeamFiona

Good neighbors lend life-saving support to Cincinnati Zoo’s premature hippo baby

CINCINNATI, OH  (February 20, 2017) – When Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s premature baby hippo Fiona became dehydrated and in need of IV fluids, Zoo veterinary staff reached out to the Cincinnati Children’s nationally-renowned Vascular Access Team (VAT), and, like a good neighbor, they rushed over to help.

“Preemies have very tiny and unstable veins, and even though our vet team was able to get multiple IVs placed, the veins…

Malayan Tiger Cubs Born at the Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI, OH  (February 7, 2017) –  Three Malayan tiger cubs were born on Friday, February 3, at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and are now being cared for in the Zoo’s nursery.  First-time mom Cinta’s maternal instincts did not kick in and vets, concerned that the cubs’ body temperatures would dip too low without the warmth of mom’s…