Pave the Way FAQs

What size is the brick and how much text can I add?

Each brick measures 4.5 inches x 9 inches and allows up to three lines of text with 15 characters per line. All letters are capitalized in the final engraved piece.  Symbols such as “&” may be used as appropriate in your engraved message which is sandblasted into the brick for the highest quality engraving.

Can I add or change the text on my brick?

Once you have approved the digital proof of the wording on your brick, no changes can be made to the text.

Will I receive a proof of my brick before it is printed?

A digital proof of your brick is part of the online order process. You will sign-off on the wording and layout as part of that process. If a brick is misprinted from the original order submitted as the result of the zoo’s or engraver’s error, we will reprint the brick at no charge to you.

What is a replica brick and how many may I purchase?

Replica bricks are identical to the engraved bricks installed near Roo Valley. The only difference is you get to take this brick home! There is no limit on how many replica bricks you may purchase. Please contact 513-487-3341 for assistance ordering more than one replica brick. Replica bricks will be available for pick up at the Zoo December 17 – 20, 2020.

Replica bricks are great to share as gifts or a personal keepsake of your investment in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden as we move toward our 150th anniversary. Proceeds from every sale – engraved bricks and replicas – support the vision and plans of our More Home to Roam campaign.

Is my purchase tax-deductible?

Your purchase of a commemorative brick is tax-deductible for an amount excluding the cost of engraving and installation. After your purchase, you will receive a thank you letter with the deductible amount listed.

How much does a brick cost?

Each brick engraved and installed near Roo Valley is $295. Additional replica bricks may be purchased for $50 each and picked up to use as gifts or memorabilia.

Where will my brick be located?

Bricks purchased between September 23 and November 11, 2019 will be installed near Roo Valley in time for the unveiling of this new exhibit in late Spring 2020. Our partners at Map Your Show are providing a map to assist in locating your engraved brick. This online feature will be made available and shared with you via email in Spring 2020, once bricks are installed. Installations in our Roo Valley area are limited to bricks purchased between September 23 and November 11, 2019. We have ongoing opportunities for engraved brick installations in Vine Street Village if you want to purchase a brick after November 11, 2019.

Due to decorations, bricks may not be visible during the Zoo’s annual Festival of Lights.

How long will my brick be a part of the pathway?

Your brick will be a permanent installation near Roo Valley, a habitat to be opened in the late Spring of 2020. Bricks typically last decades, but if any damage befalls your brick, the Zoo will guarantee replacement within five years of your purchase.

When will my engraved brick be installed?

Roo Valley, part of our More Home to Roam campaign, is slated to open in late Spring 2020. All bricks purchased between September 23 and November 11, 2019 will be installed near Roo Valley in Spring 2020. Everyone who purchases a brick will be invited to a special unveiling, to be scheduled as construction proceeds.

When can I pick up my replica brick?

All replica bricks ordered between September 23 and November 11, 2019 will be available for pick up on Tuesday, December 17 in Vine Street Entry Village between 11am – 1pm and 5 – 8pm. After that, replica bricks may be picked up in the Development Office on the first floor of Treetops between 9am – 5pm on Wednesday and Thursday, December 18 and 19 or between 9am – noon on Friday, December 20, 2019.

How long will Roo Valley pavers be available?

Bricks installed near Roo Valley are on sale between September 23 and November 11, 2019. While we are happy to make engraved bricks available for purchase throughout the year, installation in this special location is limited.