It’s a green world after all, where the two-toed sloth, blue and gold macaw and boa constrictor live. Targeted for children and their families, the P&G Discovery Forest exhibit is designed to engage visitors in a multi-sensory exploration of the world of plants and their importance. The setting is a tropical Latin American rainforest, incorporating interpretive elements from throughout Central and South America and even into Mexico. (Some plants from other tropical areas in the world are also featured for their significance to the theme of why plants are important.) Several neo-tropical animals are also displayed in the exhibit to emphasize the relationship between plants and wildlife.

WRlogoAt a Wild Research station, guests can test their plant knowledge through an interactive computer quiz and follow clues to discover hidden treasures within the forest. Wild Research is a partnership between Miami University’s Project Dragonfly and the Zoo funded by the National Science Foundation.

Explore the Forest

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Animals You Will See

Two toed Sloth

boa web