Wild Hearts Zoological Park

Wild Hearts Zoo urged followers via Facebook to collect cell phones to help save gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Cell phones were collected primarily through individual drop offs; however, Northmont City Schools took it upon themselves to gather the bulk of cell phones collected! We would love to earn the most votes in the creative campaign to help further our business so we can reach our community and beyond! They need to know about critical conservation issues such as this!   view this entry

Collected: 2  Goal: 200

Bismarck-Henning Junior High

Collection Campaign: The fifth and sixth grade students at Bismarck Henning Junior High in Bismarck, IL are working hard to save as many gorillas as possible! We are reaching out to our school to collect 1,000 cellphones throughout the month of March. We have created posters and a video to share and spread our message.  view this entry

Collected: 225  Goal: 1,000

Whitehall Middle School

Ring, Ring Recycling Drive. The WMS “Ring, Ring Recyclers” are collecting extra phone books and old cell phones! Collection bins have been placed in each WDS building office.  view this entry

Collected: 0  Goal: 300

J. F. Dulles Elementary

Dulles, which came in 2nd in last year's challenge with 1572 phones, decided to try again this year, with the initial idea that they would use the prize money for new playground equipment at Dulles. However, when Dulles found out that another school in the district -- Oakdale Elementary -- was raising funds for their new playground so that kids of all abilities, including those with walkers and wheelchairs, could play together, it was decided that Oakdale needed the money more than Dulles. Because of the new goal, Dulles asked all of the other schools in the district (1 high, 3 middle, and 5 elementary schools) to help with the collection. In addition to coverage in the Community Press and collection boxes placed in the community, reminders were sent to parents in weekly newsletters asking them to collect phones from family and friends and to bring them all in to help.  view this entry

Collected: 600  Goal: 3000

Mercy Montessori

Students created cell phone collection posters featuring gorillas and stood in the school's car line every morning to collect phones.  view this entry

Collected: 200  Goal: