Girl Scout Troop 45709

Our troop at Wilson Elementary voted on the badges they wanted to work on for this school year. Their choice was the “Make-Your-Own” badge, and they chose to learn about helping Endangered Animals. The girls led their own troop in earning the badge. They researched and presented information on the IUCN conservation statuses, then each girl chose a threatened animal to learn about, and shared what she learned on our “Animal Thinking Day” The girls chose to collect cell phones for the Zoo’s Go Bananas! Contest. They mounted information they learned about their endangered animals on a display board and decorated a collection box, with the gorilla info getting the place of honor on it. They met with our school principal and received approval for their project. They promoted it on our school announcements, weekly principal’s email, and PTA newsletter. We even took a trip to the zoo to celebrate!   view this entry

Collected: 0  Goal: 100