J. F. Dulles Elementary

Jack McSwiggin, a 4th grader, spearheaded the campaign, placing collection boxes at 9 area businesses and checking them periodically. He also collected phones on one Saturday at a local gas station. Press releases were put in local papers to let people know where the boxes were, announcements were made at every school function possible, and the gas station put up a sign. Parents, teachers, and friends used social media (Facebook, etc.) to spread the word. Any money that J.F. Dulles Elementary receives from the Go Bananas Challenge will go toward new equipment for the 4th and 5th grade playground.   view this entry

Collected: 1521  Goal: 3000

Christ the King Catholic School

This year our principal challenged every grade level at our school to do a project based learning activity. The 7th grade decided to take on the Project Saving Species Go Bananas Challenge. Every 7th grade student created a documentary using iMovie on an endangered species, including the gorilla. They have also dressed up as gorillas and passed out fliers at car line, the book fair and at a school dance. Morning announcements have been made and every classroom in the school was visited informing everyone about the plight of the gorilla and how we can help. Every where you turn, you will find posters lining the walls of Christ the King about this campaign. The kids want to help and their enthusiasm is catching!  view this entry

Collected: 1,069  Goal: 500 phones

John Paul II Catholic School

The S.E.R.V.E. Group, consisting of students in 5th through 8th grades serving their community are not monkeying around about the collection of cell phone. The students have delivered posters, announcements, and collection boxes to neighboring churches as well as in our school lobby. The students visited the classrooms to share how the batteries of the cell phones can harm the habitat and life of the gorillas. As a school community, we are recycling our cell phones to save one gorilla at a time!  view this entry

Collected: 100  Goal: 300

The Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is reaching out to friends, families, our schools, and the community at large. We have collection boxes at local businesses and community buildings. We are making both informational and funny videos to encourage phone recycling. We are offering to pick up phone donations, and we have traded old phones for baked goods and tickets to school events! We even made our own E-CLUB GO BANANAS RECYCLING WEB PAGE! http://www.neccorecords.com/gobananas/   view this entry

Collected: 750  Goal: 1000

Brady’s Bunch

I wanted to really spread the word about my Cell Phone Collection Campaign so I created a poster and hung around my community. I made copies of the flier and distributed at schools and churches and put out phone collection boxes. My mom helped me create a Facebook page and video to tell more people about what I was doing. Three news articles were published about my campaign. People started mailing me cell phones from all over the place to help me reach my goal of 1000 phones. I'm also organizing a team for the Gorilla Run so we can raise money and collect more cell phones to save Gorillas. I love animals and want to do whatever I can to make a difference and save endangered species!  view this entry

Collected: 435  Goal: 1000