Most Creative Campaign

2016-2017 Go Bananas! Creative Campaign

Voting beings March 2017. At that time, just upload 1-3 photos and/or a video, describe your campaign and enter the number of phones collected. You can update the number of phones collected as that number increases.

WIN $1,000 for your school, scout or community if you have the most creative campaign!

This year we will be adding a fun new spin to our Creative Campaign Challenge. The Creative Campaign Challenge will now consist of two parts that will contribute to a total creative campaign score for your team.

1.The first part will be votes for your campaign. As we have done in the past, we will use online voting for our creative campaigns. The team with the most votes will attain the maximum number of points.

100pts – 1st place
90pts- 2nd place
80pts- 3rd place
60pts- all other campaigns that receive votes

2. Our second part of the Creative Campaign Challenge will be decided by our “Jomo Judges”. Our panel of Jomo Judges will vote for the campaigns they deem most creative.

100pts – 1st place
90pts- 2nd place
80pts- 3rd place
60pts- all other campaigns

The team with the highest combined point total will be the creative campaign winner, and will be awarded $1000! In the event of a 1st place tie the Jomo Judges will decide the winner.

Gorilla Games

This year teams will also have the opportunity to participate in Gorilla Games. Gorilla Games will be optional challenges throughout the campaign in which teams can participate. Bonus creative campaign points will be awarded to teams that complete Gorilla Game challenges!

Gorilla Games Challenge 1: “Glue on You”


Take a picture of your team creating a human sign that promotes your campaign.  Everyone in the picture must have contact or be “glued” to at least one other team member in the creation of this human sign.

Once your team has taken a photo, please email the photo to  and your team will be awarded bonus creative campaign points.

Gorilla Games Challenge 2: “SH-APE & T-APE”


For this challenge, utilize recycled objects and repurposed items to make a sign that promotes your campaign.  Feel free to use some Gorilla Glue to hold your masterpiece in place.

Once your team has taken a photo of your sign, please email the photo to  and your team will be awarded bonus creative campaign points.          
You must to complete your People's choice Award entry.