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2015-11-05 Zoo Elle Mona Gladys 1546Creation of the proposed new indoor habitat will provide our two gorilla family groups with large, engaging and naturalistic spaces to encourage healthy behavior and interaction. Critical husbandry, behavior management and health assessment activities occur throughout gorilla areas, especially in the indoor space, since they afford up-close and safe interaction opportunities for the staff, including activities such as: Operant conditioning training for voluntary body presentations, awake cardiac and fetal ultrasounds, hand injections, weights, and more; Systematic gradual introductions of new group members arriving from a different zoo or in-house group transfers; Orphaned gorilla hand-rearing and surrogate introductions; Medical procedures, either routine immobilizations for full physicals or emergencies. 
gorilla_troopWith the central strategic objective to “Inspire Every Visitor with Wildlife Every Day,” strengthening visitor engagement is a goal of every project we undertake at CZBG. At this already most popular habitat for our Zoo, the opportunity for year-round viewing and engagement with gorillas and their keepers will be an enormous hit with our visitors.
mbelibai-gorillaWe expect the expanded, revitalized Gorilla World to provide a canvas for great interpretation of CZBG’s long-established gorilla work in the Republic of Congo, eliciting new investors and activism in gorilla conservation. We expect the habitat to further inspire conservation action steps through initiatives like CZBG’s Saving Species cell phone recycling program



 gorillaThe renovation of our current attraction will maintain our world-class immersion habitat while at the same time provide a new and innovative 4,350-square-foot indoor habitat with 50 linear feet of viewing glass to further enhance the experience between guest and gorilla. The indoor habitat will feature an expansive skylight to promote sunlight and ventilation, keeper access points for enrichment and engagement; and a small stream flowing through the center.


CWD68CqVEAAKGQHAlthough behind the scenes and out of public view, the indoor rooms and transfer areas for the gorillas will be as critical to the project as the new habitat space itself. Among other things, the new configuration will aid us in maternity efforts; maintaining the gorilla population through breeding and conservation efforts.


colobus monkeyThe new design calls for a substantially larger habitat, providing more and better space for our colobus monkeys to be viewed and/or multiple family groups to be displayed. At present, the habitat is 750 sq ft, and as proposed, will be expanded to 1,175 sq ft, incorporating a waterfall and two naturalistic climbing trees.