Vine Street Village opened in spring 2009 and created a true sense of arrival for every Zoo visitor. You can put your “footprint” on our new entry by purchasing a commemorative brick to be placed along the pathway into the Zoo.

Pave the Way FAQs

How big will the brick be and how much text will fit on each brick?

Bricks will be 4 inches by 8 inches and allow for 3 lines of text with 14 characters per line, all captial letters will be used. You may use “&” and other symbols as appropriate. Your message will be sandblasted into the brick for the highest quality engraving.

How long will my brick be a part of the entry pathway?

Your brick will be a permanent installation in our current Vine Street Village Entry. While we anticipate your brick will last decades, the Zoo guarantees replacement of your brick, if damaged, for 5 years.

Can I add or change the text on my brick at any time?

No, if you would like to make changes or additions to the message on your brick after installation, you will need to re-purchase a brick.

Will I receive a proof of my brick before it is printed?

No, we have put together a nice order form for you to place your message and layout. You will sign-off on the verbage and layout on your order form. If a brick is mis-printed from what the order form reads, we will re-print the brick. Please print neatly on your order form.

How long will you sell bricks for the entry pathway?

Bricks will be for sale indefinitely.  Bricks will be installed at least once per year. You will be notified with an invitation to come out and celebrate the installation of your brick.

Is my purchase of a commemorative brick a tax-deductible gift to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden?

Your gift to purchase a commemorative brick is tax-deductible less the cost of engraving and installation. You will receive a thank you letter with deductible amount.

How do I order my brick?

Simply print the order form and mail your order form and payment to: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Development, 3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220.

For more information, please call: (513) 487-3328.