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Feed a manatee for a day: $495.50. Feed a manatee for a week: $3,468.50. Feed a manatee for a year: $30,917.50. What a manatee eats: 4 types of lettuce.

Manatees eat:
4 types of lettuce.

Elephants eat: timothy hay, fruits, veggies, training food, vitamin E

Red pandas eat: Bamboo, Fruit, Mazuri primate leafeater.

Lions eat: Meat (Nebraska premium horsemeat 10% fat), prey (guinea pig and rabbit), goat carcass piece.

Gorillas eat: Primate dry biscuit (varies but the like the Mazuri low starch primate cinnamon); fruits, neggies, leafy greens; starch yogurt.

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#GivingTuesday Kicks Off a Month of Giving to Support Cincinnati Zoo Animals

“Tis the season of giving. Donate to support the care and feeding of your favorite animals! Looking for a zoo-nique gift? Make a donation in a loved one’s name.

It’s a goodwill giving challenge! Would you like to provide food for an animal for a meal, a day, a week? Donate an amount (of your choice) to go toward the care and feeding of your favorite animal.

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