Welcome to the TRIBE!

  • Although your position in TRIBE is a volunteer position, please keep in mind that your efforts are important to us! In fact, your work is critical to the continued success of the Children’s Zoo. So, please understand that we need you to support the TRIBE and work the shifts to which you’re assigned. However, we understand that things happen and schedules must sometimes change. We want to work with you when this occurs, but we will need your help! Please make sure that you know when you’re scheduled to work. If you realize that you can’t work one of your assigned shifts, call: (513)487-3400. Leave your name, the shift you won’t be able to work (including the date and whether it’s an AM or PM shift), and a brief explanation. Again, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find someone else to work for you.


    If you have questions about your schedule, please email Ben, our TRIBE supervisor: bensandlin.tribe@gmail.com

  • Gate Code
    You should have been given a gate code during orientation. This code may change at some point during the summer, but we will make sure to get you that information as soon as possible should it change. Please keep in mind that you’re being trusted with the gate code, and we expect you to use it only when arriving to the Zoo for your TRIBE shift. This code will work at the Dury pedestrian entrance, located across the street from the Dury employee parking lot. You do not need a code to enter the Dury employee parking lot.
    Parking/Dropping Off/Picking Up
    For those of you driving yourselves to the Zoo, you will need to park in the Dury Avenue parking lot (where you parked for the orientation). You will need to place the parking pass in your windshield. Once you’re parked, you can simply walk across the road to the Dury pedestrian entrance and use your code at the keypad to get into the Zoo. For those of you being dropped off and picked up by a parent, have your parent drop you off at the Dury pedestrian entrance. Then, you will use your code at the key pad to get into the Zoo.
    Getting to Roll Call
    To get to the Clubhouse at Children’s Zoo for roll call, simply follow the path from the Dury pedestrian entrance. This path will lead you past the Cheetah Yard and then winds left by Flamingos, then to Giraffe Ridge, up the wooden ramp to the Giraffe feeding platform, and then it ends in front of Swan Lake. Simply take a right in front of Swan Lake and walk until you see the Clubhouse and train station on your  left. The back door to the Clubhouse is located behind the train station, adjacent to the Funnel Cake Factor window. You can’t miss it – the door has a sign that says “Keep this path clear”. If you get lost, anyone with a Zoo uniform will be able to tell you where the Clubhouse is. NO WORRIES! Please see the Map (PDF) for directions.

    Important information about Food & Drink
    Although there isn’t a formal lunch hour worked into the half-day shifts, you may wish to grab a quick lunch before or after your shift ends (or between the two if you’re working all day). As a TRIBE member, you will receive a 50% discount at each of the food venues around the Zoo. To get the discount, you need to show your badge. This discount will only apply for the days that you’re working. You will be allowed to bring a water bottle with you when you work, and we encourage you to stay hydrated – it’s easy to forget to take water breaks when the crowds get busy. There will also be an area in which you can store small personal items like purses, keys, and jackets. However, unless you are a Leader Teen working during the school year, do not bring back packs, large purses, cameras, etc… we simply don’t have the room to safely store them!


    Keep everything fresh in your mind with an e-version of the TRIBE Manual.

  • Member’s Appreciation Night: June 29
    Kids, Culture, Critters, & Crafts Festival: July 18
    Visitor Appreciation Days: August 24-26
    Cheetah Run 5K / Walk: September 2
    Zoofari: September 14
    HallZOOween: October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, & 27-28
    PNC Festival of Lights: November 23 – January 1
    Happy ZOO Year: December 31

  • Before you begin working, check out the job tips, tricks, and responsibilities below so that you understand what will be expected of you.

    White Lanyards (Tier 1): FUNgineers (PDF) & Discover Zone (PDF); Note that the information about Discover Zone focuses on one question (about preening). However, you will be able to switch it up and come up with more questions! Most of the information isn’t specific to a particular question.

    Yellow Lanyards (Tier 2): Contact Yard (PDF)Lorikeet Landing (PDF)

    Green Tier (Tier 3): Animal Handlers (PDF)

    Red Tier (Tier 4): Junior Keepers (PDF)

    Black Tier (Tier 5) : Leader Teens

  • You will soon learn that our Zoo guests (both young and old) love to learn about our animals in Children’s Zoo. Although it’s tricky to keep them all straight, you will find that knowing the animals personally helps you talk about them to our guests!

    the Wild Encounters page (password: educator) will provide more information about “Animal Stations” such as Lorikeet, Galapagos, Goats, etc.

    Meet the Goats Part ONE (PDF)

    Meet the Goats Part TWO (PDF)

    Meet the Donkeys (PDF)

    Meet Willie, Zach, & Quick (PDF)

    Meet the Babydoll Sheep (PDF)

    Meet the Mini-Cows (PDF)

    Reindeer (Festival of Lights only) (PDF)

    King Penguin (Festival of Lights only (PDF)

  • Cat Canyon opens to the public on June 30th! Check out the Interpretive Guide for this new exhibit and get the answers to all of your burning questions about Malayan Tigers, Snow Leopards and more.  Cat Canyon Interpretive Guide 2012 (PDF)