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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the heart of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical
Garden is the host of compassionate, committed people who know what zoos mean
to the world. As a globally recognized, fierce defender of all manner of wildlife and the
environment, the Cincinnati Zoo is not only a place to see the wonder, power, and
beauty of nature, it’s a place the world trusts to help save it.
When the pandemic unfolded in the early spring and the Zoo was abruptly closed to
visitors on March 15th, our Zoo team responded to the evolving situation quickly –
significantly reducing costs and adjusting programs to make up for the loss of revenue.
While we prepared for the long haul, we quickly realized what was essential: a focus
on providing excellent care for our animals and maintaining our facilities, so that
when the crisis had passed, we could get back to business.
We have always been optimistic about our ability to evolve and survive, and as spring
turned to summer and fall, we fully understand the depth of our community’s
commitment to our important work. The support of so many has inspired and
strengthened us to overcome current challenges, and we are profoundly grateful.
Going forward, our entire Zoo team – staff, Board, volunteers – is facing the future
with hope. We are ready to innovate and flex so that we remain a national leader in
animal care and conservation and a beloved treasure to the Cincinnati community.
Thank you.
Thane Maynard					Francie Hiltz

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