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Scott Beuerlein

	 The team not only cares for our legacy trees, but      cancer-related stress in 2015 that culminated with a
carefully selects and plants new ones. “We can serve     major operation, he, like so many others, found that
as a model for businesses, for schools, for munici-      only after he returned to his garden was he able to
palities,” says Steve. In addition, they periodically    quickly improve his physical health and mental
collect seeds from trees around the community,           well-being. Studies show that, in communities with
then grow them and redistribute the seedlings.           ample green space, crime is lower, kids perform
                                                         better in school, and marriages even last longer.
           Plants and Your Health                        That’s the power of horticulture, a power that he
                                                         sees as preventative. What a lot of nonprofit organi-
	 If you’ve relaxed in our gardens or your own, you      zations do is put out fires. Horticulture can prevent
know the deep sense of calm they can provide. Scott      some of these fires from ever happening.
reports, “Even five minutes with a view of plants
helps to bring down blood pressure and all of the          Pollinators, Conservation and More
other physical manifestations of stress. And that’s
just the beginning. (See sidebar, next page.) If you’ve  	 The Horticulture department executes a number
experienced the complete lack of horticulture, you       of other programs as well. They cultivate and deter-
realize how much it affects your quality of life.”       mine which are the best plants for pollinators. They
	 Scott would know. Following nine months of             collaborate with CREW scientific researchers on

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