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Cassandre Crawford  plant conservation projects. They partner with the
                                                                Animal department to select the best plants for ex-
    “The more horticulture there is in the                      hibits, and raise bamboo to feed numerous animals.
    suburbs and the cities, the better our                      They manage an aquaponic garden and even grow
    environment, and the better people’s                        food for our main restaurant, the Base Camp Cafe.
    health,” says Horticulturist Scott                          Their influence touches practically every aspect of
    Beuerlein. Scientific research                              the Zoo, and a vast swath of the community.
    demonstrates that spending time
    around plants and gardens improves                                             The Future
    your health.
                                                                	 As hard as the Horticulture team works, they
   Here are some of the health                                  remain ambitious about continuous improvement.
   benefits of gardens:                                         For example, like many local gardeners and parks,
                                                                they battle invasive species such as honeysuckle.
   •	Relaxation                                                 They notice small details in places where something
   •	 Improved mood                                             could look just a little better.
   •	 Accelerated healing                                       	 “We’re among the best botanical gardens for 300
   •	 Increased energy                                          miles, but we want to be one of the best anywhere,”
   •	 Recovery from trauma                                      proclaims Scott. The team looks forward to moving
   •	 Improved sleep                                            and expanding the nursery, which hasn’t grown for
   •	 Better pulmonary health                                   30 years, despite significant growth of the Zoo
   •	 More hydrated skin and                                    grounds.
   	hair                                                        	 Like everything else at the Zoo, the Horticulture
   •	 A “screentime break” for                                  program relies on donations. Every dollar donated
   	 your eyes                                                  to Horticulture provides an excellent return on in-
   •	 Cardiovascular exercise                                   vestment, because everything the Zoo learns gets
   	 from gardening or                                          multiplied as it spreads into the community. “Our
   	walking                                                     programs have more ripple effects than most people
                                                                realize,” says Steve. It starts with the Zoo, but the
12                                                              impact filters throughout the region.
                                                                	 The department does myriad things but it boils
                                                                down to one; in Steve’s words, “Making the commu-
                                                                nity a better place through horticulture.”
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