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That Garden

                                      The wind carries
                                      A single hint
                                      Of the rose
                                      But it is enough
                                      To cause you
                                      To start seeking
                                      That garden

                                      Gerry Grubbs

At the Heart of it All

Picture a brick elementary            	 Stephen “Steve” Foltz, Director of Horticulture at the
         school in a typical Cincin-  Zoo, often in blue jeans but always in work boots, has sandy
         nati neighborhood. Amidst a  colored hair and the strong handshake of a lifetime landscap-
patch-work of trees, grass, and       er. His eyes betray an insatiable desire for botanical knowl-
concrete, a majestic red oak tree     edge with wheels that are always spinning.
towers above. Morning after           	 Steve imagines a world where that tree outside the school
morning, kids step off of buses       bears a simple label. “If someone just took the time to label it,
and out of cars and head into         those kids would always know a red oak when they saw one,”
school. They tromp through            he says. “Nobody has to teach them that. It’s easy to take trees
snow in the winter, sometimes         and plants for granted. Education is key, and you don’t have
purposely step in the puddles in      to force it.” Together, the Zoo’s horticulture team aims to tend
spring. For six or eight years, the   the world’s appreciation of plant life with the same care they
kids walk past that big tree, never   tend the Zoo grounds.
knowing what it is.
                                      The People Behind the Plants

                                      	 When we say we’re the Greenest Zoo in America,
                                      we refer to our commitment to environmental
                                      sustainability. However, we might be literally the

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